What are your favorite countries that you've been to?

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What are your favorite countries that you've been to? Empty What are your favorite countries that you've been to?

Post by Ghost on Tue Sep 22, 2015 7:24 am

Let's compare travel notes. I haven't been to too many countries, but I've been to enough that I can compare a lot of aspects. Here are my top three:

1. China
It has tons of jobs for teachers, and more everyday freedoms than the U.S. There are tons of cities you could potentially live in, although many of them are unpleasant sue to air pollution, ubiquitous construction, and of course, overcrowding. Still, it was good enough that it made me want to come back for a second try.

2. Philippines
Good luck finding a job here, although the country and the women tend to be very open towards Westerners. A dating paradise. In that regard it lives up to the hype. But being very poor and tropical, it isn't comfortable unless you have money. There's a reason why many expats there use it as a retirement destination.

3. I've only been to Bangkok, so my perspective is very limited. However, the city is very fun and you can do something like teaching to get temporary residence there. I don't think it is quite a dating paradise. It's got a (in my opinion) well deserved reputation for being more closed off to foreigners than Philippines. But still a fun place with something for everyone.


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