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Post by Ghost on Sat Sep 05, 2015 2:29 pm

Hello everyone, I've written two books so far, and I hope to write several more.

The first one is Boxes. It was my first novel. It's about a teacher who becomes disillusioned with life in America and begins to see the truth about society. He leaves behind the life he has to search for freedom, but he finds that it isn't so simple...

My second book is Expatriation Apocalypse! The Guide to Expatriation for the Broke and Hopeless. This one is a guide for expatriation for men who have no options. Since the Western societies are choking men and essentially expelling them from society, a lot of (usually younger) men are getting left out and can't get a foothold in society. My guide is a candid look at ways a hopeless and broke man without options can start on a path to expatriation. I based most of the content on things I have done myself, and I even tell my story in the book. Although it's primarily meant for men without options, any man will get some useful things out of it. I'm considering a follow up book currently, but not sure what exact shape it will take.

If anyone out there with their own books wants to swap review for review on Amazon, I'd be happy to do that. Or if you'd like to review my books in exchange for a different favor, we could work something out.


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